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Wood-plastic composite decking

Innovative properties of plastic and natural of wood

WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) decking boards consists of a high-quality wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer composite. GreenDECK wpc decking boards contain up to 60% wood fibers, supplemented with synthetic polymers – polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), coupling agents, UV stabilizer and colorants.

Typically, composite decking boards are used for surfaces exposed to outdoor conditions. Referring to the Nova Institute data, WPC decking comprises 6% of the total market capacity. In the next few years, WPC decking materials will become even more popular and they are estimated to take over the market as an ecological alternative to tropical timber.

wpc dēļi

Composite decking board technology

Board composition

60% wood fibers
30% plastic
10% additives

Board structure

GreenDeck WPC decking boards are designed in such a way
that they withstand heavy loads, but maintain their flexibility
and avoid the formation of cracks. In addition, the unique
surface texture also reduces the possibility of slipping.

Anti-slip surface
Structural strength

Composite decking board advantages

Looks like wood, but lasts longer

Resistant to humidity and weather fluctuation

Even extreme temperature fluctuations, intense sunlight and high humidity do not affect the physical and mechanical properties of WPC decking. GreenDECK decking boards are also highly resistant to UV rays.

Durable and do not form cracks

GreenDECK decking boards are able to withstand large impacts, and they are highly resistant to the harmful effects of fungal and insect exposure.

Easy to install and maintain

Installation requires standard woodworking tools. Invisible plastic clips are used to fasten the boards with even spacing. Composite decking does not require painting or oiling. Dirt can easily be removed using a high-pressure water jet.

Environmentally friendly and economical

GreenDECK decking boards are made from eco-friendly and 100% recyclable materials. No trees are cut down for the production of GreenDECK decking boards. Wood fibers used in manufacturing are taken from carpentry factory surpluses.

Durability with 25 year warranty

GreenDECK decking has a
25 year warranty period. Decking boards maintain their shape, do not break, crack or rot, and they do not splinter.

Greendeck saudzē kokus

Environmentally friendly

Preserves trees

Composite decking boards manufactured by GreenDECK are
made from wood fibers gathered from surplus materials produced
by carpentry factories. Not one tree is cut down for this purpose.

Composite decking in comparison to wooden decking

Long-term benefits of using WPC decking

When selecting building materials, the advantages of the materials used must be evaluated
by looking in the long-term. It is important to take into account the strengths of the
material, the environment in which they will be installed as well as the weather
condition impact on the material. Materials that may seem more favorable
or less expensive in the short-term, often turn out to be more expensive
in the long run due to the regular need for cleaning and renewal.
As time passes, even a material such as wood will become
more expensive due to the large market demand
and the constant decrease of forest areas.
Further information about GreenDECK
products can be found in our
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GreenDeck composite decking applications

Fashionable and durable solution for terraces and other outdoor surfaces


Outdoor terraces or balconies

GreenDECK decking boards can be used for any outdoor surface. If you have a desire to create a beautiful backyard patio or install a cozy balcony, WPC decking is the ideal choice. GreenDECK decking boards can be installed on an existing foundation or a new foundation can be built using our composite keels or special pedestals. From a few centimeters to the height of several steps, your imagination can become reality.


GreenDECK composite decking is also ideal for pools areas. WPC decking boards are highly resistant to moisture and all weather conditions. They have a non-slip surface and they will continue looking great for years on end.



GreenDECK fence system will allow you to quickly and easily set up a long-lasting fence, which does not require painting and looks just like real wood. Composite fence boards do not have branches and their surface is perfectly even. GreenDECK fence system includes composite boards, fence poles and all the necessary fasteners to set up a gorgeous looking fence.